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Group box panel with GWT

I’m currently participating on a software development project using the Google Web Toolkit (GWT). While developing the GUI for a certain part of this project, I came across the need of a group box panel.

For those who don’t know what a group box is; here is an example:


Fortunately this type of panel is directly supported by HTML throught the <fieldset> tag. Unfortunately it isn’t supported by GWT (yet). However, it’s very simple to implement this using the SimplePanel class provided by GWT.


 * A group box panel (i.e. a frame where to which a caption can be
 * attached). The caption can be set via {@link #setCaption(String)}. 
 * The content can be set via {@link SimplePanel#setWidget()}.
 * @author Sebastian Krysmanski
public class GroupBoxPanel
  extends SimplePanel {

  private final Element m_caption = DOM.createLegend();
  public GroupBoxPanelImpl() {

    DOM.appendChild(getContainerElement(), this.m_caption);

  public GroupBoxPanelImpl(String caption) {

  public String getCaption() {
    return DOM.getInnerText(this.m_caption);

  public void setCaption(String caption) {
    DOM.setInnerText(this.m_caption, caption);

This code is released as public domain.


  1. Truong said:

    thank you very much

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