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HTTP instead of HTTPS in Android SDK Manager

Sometimes (often?) downloads in the Android SDK Manager are annoyingly slow. The problem is that downloads are done over HTTPS. HTTPS is more secure but also slower than HTTP. Fortunately, Google allows us to change this behavior.

You can do this in the Android SDK Manager’s options. You find them in the menu bar under Tools -> Options....

Options menu item in Android SDK Manager

Important: This menu item is not available if you started the SDK Manager from Eclipse. You need to start the standalone version (in the SDK directory: /SDK Manager.exe on Windows, and /tools/android everywhere else). Why this behavior is different is beyond me.

In the options select Force https://... source to be fetched using http://....

Force SDK manager to download via http

That’s it.


  1. chris said:

    so strange.
    but thank you!
    meant the difference between 11KB/s (200+ minutes for 6 packages) and 1900KB/s (1 minute for same 6 packages).

  2. boudz said:

    woww thanks it is working !!!

  3. Justin said:

    Still not working for me! Getting 190 KB/s and pay for 75 Mbps!

  4. chaitanya said:

    hi ,

    i did everything mentioned here still it is very slow please let me know anything more i need to do .thanks in advance

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