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  1. Markus said:

    I just migrated from Firefox to Chrome and this was one of the first things i missed.
    Thanks for this easy solution!

  2. Tim said:

    I am currently switch over from Firefox to Chrome right now. This is the nicest solution I have seen so far, thanks for putting it together!

    Man, Google is lame for not including separators. Their logic isn’t valid at all…

    • Sebastian Krysmanski (post author) replied:

      I totally agree. It’s actually the reason why I switched back to Firefox. The bookmarking system in general is just better with Firefox.

  3. James said:

    This is extremely well implemented. The lack of this has been bothering me for some time since I switched from Firefox. Thanks very much!

  4. rps said:

    What a great idea .. thanks for putting this out there!

  5. Koolhari said:

    Simple and Great idea. It has simplified my bookmarking in chrome.
    Keep up the good work.

  6. Rob said:

    Often the simplest solutions are the most elegant – thank you very much. Bookmarks bar looking far neater now. Good work!

  7. AJ said:

    Great solution, thanks..!

  8. Aussie Punter said:

    Thanks for this mate, the only problems I have with this solution compared to the bookmark separators in Firefox is that the separators take up the same amount of space as a regular bookmark and they are clickable hyperlinks. Then there’s the fact that the padding between the bookmarks is (IMO) too big.

    These are the two main reasons I won’t make Chrome my default browser:

    1) The size of the separator bookmark fix that you provide takes away valuable space for real bookmarks, which when you have a lot of bookmarks like me is one of the reasons I need to separate them. This problem is amplified by the fact that the padding between all bookmarks is larger than in Firefox.

    2) If I accidentally click on the separator bookmark, which is possible because it is the same size as a regular bookmark, it takes time to close the tab, then go back into the bookmarks, navigate to the correct folder > sub folder and then try again. This takes time, and time is money. It’s also very frustrating.

    These issues could be easily fixed by Google, or potentially with a Chrome extension, however I’m not familiar enough with Webkit/Chrome to know if that’s possible.

    If it was possible to make the separator unclickable, reduce the size of the separator AND reduce the padding between ALL bookmarks, then I may be able to use Chrome as my default browser.

    The fact is that compared to Firefox, bookmarks in Chrome suck but I do prefer Chrome to Firefox for many other tasks.

    Credit where it’s due though, this is the best solution that I have found so far, it is simple and effective for those without too many bookmarks and I will definitely be using it for the small amount of bookmarks that I do have in Chrome.


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