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  1. chas smith said:

    this is shit I cant stand that they are making my sin in to download it.

    I do not want my browser and my gmail and my phone to be all one happy family I want my web world my phone and my email to all be indavisabel this really makes me want to go to another browser I am that erked by this “Error”

    I do relizes that google makes money from looking at me as a number that buys things but is it just me or dose anyone else want a little of the pretend privecey we used to have ?

    I say pretend as I am sure that EVERYTHING is tracked and loged now a days, all of it collated and fed into the marketing bot.

    but what am I to do I need this download

    in short I feel your pain mate

  2. Erin said:

    Hi there, thank you so much!! worked perfectly for me (I actually had to sign out & sign back in) Thanks!

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