Bug of the day: Sorting in Windows Server Backup

For me, Windows Server Backup (2012) is actually a huge bug itself. Just have a look at my backup history:


Best of all: Every failure gives a nice cryptic error message (without any details), like:

  • “There was a failure in creating a directory on the backup storage location.”
  • “None of the items included in backup were backed up.”
  • “The specified component was not reported by the VSS writer.”

So far, I haven’t been able to get a reliable backup via Windows Server Backup.

So, until I get this fixed, let’s start with something light:


Take a good look on how the dates are sorted. Nice, isn’t it?

New Blog Design

After about three years it was finally time to update my blog’s design. There were a lot of “under-the-hood” changes but also some structural changes.

  • I’ve moved all my private blogging stuff to Facebook after I got sued over a picture I posted one and a half year ago.
  • I now also use Twitter for blogging very short stuff.
  • There’s now a mobile version of this website.

Old design:


New design: