Line Endings in C# Files

In my projects I prefer to use Linux/Unix line endings (LF) for all text files (via .editorconfig):

end_of_line = lf

So ideally, C# files (.cs) should also use LF as line ending type.

Unfortunately, this is currently not possible because Linux line endings are not fully supported by Visual Studio and ReSharper (my primary editors for C# code).

Without full support, when editing C# files you’d sometimes get Linux line endings (as defined by .editorconfig) and sometimes Windows line endings (for features that don’t support Linux line endings or .editorconfig) - resulting in files with mixed line endings.

In other editors (like Visual Studio Code) this would not be a problem because they normalize the line endings when saving a file. Unfortunately, Visual Studio does not do this (see feature request which has since been closed without actually fixing the problem).

So, for now, the pragmatic approach is to define line endings for C# files as CRLF (Windows line endings):

end_of_line = crlf

To prevent users from accidentally checking in mixed line endings, you should also enforce line endings via .gitattributes:

*.cs text eol=crlf


This section tracks the various bug reports regarding missing Linux line ending support.

Visual Studio 

None known.