Hugo Shortcode Tests

17 Jan 2024 17 Jan 2024 1 min read Hugo Test Page

This test page tests custom shortcodes provided by the dev-log theme.


{{< abbr "BMP" "Basic Multilingual Plane" >}}

Unicode BMP


{{< icon creative-commons brands >}}

CC BY-NC 4.0


{{< page-date >}}

This page was last updated on 17 Jan 2024.


{{< center >}}
This **should** be centered.
{{</ center >}}

Some text before.

And some paragraph before (to check spacing).

This should be centered.

And this should also be centered and use fuchsia as color.

A test image to see if this also works for images.

Some text after.


{{< color "#FF00FF" >}}hex colors{{</ color >}}

This part after this word should be red but not this part.

We even support hex colors - just awesome.