Extending Wi-Fi networks (with AirPort Express)

I recently bought an Apple AirPort Express Base Station so that I can hear music without powering up my computer. And since the AirPort Express is a full-fledged Wi-Fi access point, I thought it’d be nice to use it to extend the range of my existing Wi-Fi network.

With Apple’s AirPort Utility, configuring an AirPort Express Base Station is quite easy. There are, however, some pitfalls when trying to extend an existing Wi-Fi network. So I’m going to shed some light on this topic in this blog post. I’ll be using my AirPort Express Base Station to illustrate these pitfalls but the information should apply to any other Wi-Fi access point as well.

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Guitar Hero ohne Gitarre

Wie man das Spiel Guitar Hero ohne Gitarre spielen kann, zeigt das folgende Video. Dort wird das Spiel nämlich nur über Muskelkraft bedient. Auch die anderen vorgestellten Anwendungsfälle für diese Technik finde ich voll praktisch.